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TAME Dance Academy’s curriculum is designed to teach a young dancer how to behave in a professional environment.  The training is conservatory–style, with a heightened focus on technique and artistry.  Daily instruction in ballet, jazz and contemporary technique are required to provide stronger foundations for the supplemental courses in hip-hop, tap and acrobatics.  In the studio, each student is taught how to show proper respect to any instructor and how to behave in differing classroom situations.  The TAME student will complete their training as a well-rounded individual, knowledgeable in all techniques and able to succeed in a professional dance environment.



In attempts to comply with State and Federal Recommendations, TAME Dance Academy is going VIRTUAL beginning Monday, March 30th following the Spring Break. 


During this unprecedented period in time, all TAME classes will be offered LIVE online using the virtual meeting platform ZOOM. CLASS CODES have been emailed to all registered students.



Ages 5+ |  Performing at an Elementary Level

Level I is the beginning of dedicated pre-professional technical training.  This level will teach students the fundamentals of ballet, jazz and contemporary dance.  The basic elements of correct posture, body alignment, flexibility and weight transfer are introduced in ballet and reinforced respectively in jazz and contemporary classes.  Knowledge of the classical directions of the body and all of the progressive steps from tendu to simple allegro will be achieved.  At this level, leg height is stabilized at forty-five degrees with focus on proper rotation from the hips.  Vocabulary is stressed and emphasized in great detail.  Discipline, respect and classroom etiquette are strictly enforced. This very important level is vital in establishing a firm base on which future training will be built on in all styles.



Ballet Levels I through V will include concepts, skills, vocabulary and artistry specific to ballet. By the end of the season in each respective level, students should have developed alignment, strength, flexibility and coordination through barre and center work. Progression of the class from plies through grande allegro will be learned. Students will acquire a ballet terminology and vocabulary based on their particular level. Dancers will develop their skills appropriate for their level through classical combinations, with an emphasis on correct placement, musicality and artistry, culminating at the highest level with pointe work, variations and pas de deux. The dancers will have groundwork for any further training in other styles, as well as have an appreciation for ballet as an art form.


Jazz Levels I through V will include concepts, skills, vocabulary and artistry specific to jazz dance, but also drawn from ballet training. Students will apply principles from their other classes, as well as learn a variety of jazz techniques and styles. Concepts of isolation and working in parallel are studied. Progressions across the floor are introduced and become more intricate as levels climb. Eventually, execution of advanced jazz patterns is learned, both in the body and traveling through space. Coordination, musicality and a high level of performance are emphasized. The dancers will gain historical knowledge of the development of jazz dance, giving them an appreciation for jazz as an art form, as well as an aid in increasing performance skills.


Contemporary Levels I through V will include concepts, skills, vocabulary and artistry from jazz and ballet, as well as specific contemporary ideas and choreography. Students will apply principles from their other classes into more artistic work and be able to draw similarities and differences in their other studies as dancers. Floor work will be introduced, as well as ideas of curving the spine, weight sharing, contemporary partnering and initiating movement from different parts  of the body. An increased emphasis on artistry will be stressed. Improvisational techniques are introduced and dancers are given the opportunity to show diversity of movement and dynamics based on music initiations and choreographic intent. The dancers will have an understanding and appreciation for the ever-changing art form of dance through contemporary styles in today's dance world.


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