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TAME’s Summer Dance Camp is specially designed for intro & beginner dancers ages 5+ who are looking to begin their dance training or continue their study throughout the summer. Foundationally, our program is an opportunity for your child to tune into their mind, body connection. At TAME, quality is everything and your child will receive the same level of conservatory training & movement education as our pre-professional intermediate and advanced dancers. Allow your child to learn a wide variety of dance styles each week as well explore other areas of the arts such as theater and visual arts with creative games and other artistic activities.  Your child will have the opportunity to perform in our in-studio showcase every Friday! Parents, friends and family are encouraged to attend! Our creative yet structured approach to dance education will provide your child with the opportunity to excel within the discipline of dance throughout their summer. TAME’s Summer Dance Camp will keep your child kinetically active and their mind infused with imagination. 

Dance styles include: 

Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Acro, Improvisation, Creative Movement, Ballroom


Camp will also include dance rehearsal for end of week performance, visual arts, group reading, movies, games and social interaction.

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​​TAME Summer Intensive (TSI) is a comprehensive dance conservatory training program designed to strengthen each student's technical ability while enhancing their creativity as movement artists. Our condensed program offers thirty hours a week of pre-professional training which includes courses in: Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, Jazz, Pointe, Pas de Deux, Composition, Improvisation, Pilates, Repertoire, Hip Hop, Ballroom, Stretch & Conditioning, Injury Prevention, Technique & Progressions, and Lecture. 


Daily instruction in Ballet and Modern will quickly advance dancers into their next level of training. The curriculum will provide a complete semester of training in a matter of weeks. Our talented instructors will nurture each dancer's individual level of talent, which will allow them to quickly showcase progress and render improvements. TSI instructors will enhance the students' technical abilities through encouragement, clear, understandable corrections and consistent discipline. Creativity will thrive throughout each class, as artistry shall not be taught independently from technique. Technique and Repertoire classes will focus on performance and stage presence, as well as learning and executing innovative exercises and choreography. Daily Pilates will increase the dancers' stamina, strength, flexibility and overall tonality. The alignment and placement learned in Pilates will coincide directly to the dancers' core work, especially at the barre. Courses in Composition and Improvisation will funnel imagination and originality to culminate vision and inventiveness through movement. Weekly Lecture courses will explore the world of dance in facets that are connected yet not always taught in the studio. Lecture courses will expose dancers to nutrition, dance history, anatomy, terminology, dance as a career, audition and classroom etiquette, hygiene and resume | curricula vitae writing. Our schedule is effective and has been formulated with the dancer's best interest in mind. TSI provides a full, well-rounded schedule that will fuel the dancer's passion, drive and determination as a movement artist. Each dancer will complete the summer program with integrity and an overall feeling of accomplishment.



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