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TAME’s Conservatory Ensemble is an invite-only elite track catered to the advanced dancer looking to focus their training in a collegiate setting or pursue a future career in dance. Dancers in the Conservatory Ensemble will take two ballet classes, modern, contemporary and jazz. This elite track focuses on the training that is needed to succeed in concert dance, theatrical productions, cruise ship entertainment, commercial work, and Broadway. All required classes mirror an interdisciplinary college BFA dance program.


The Conservatory Ensemble will offer the opportunity to broaden their scope of knowledge by utilizing our creative curriculum as it pertains to dance and the performing arts. Dancers will enhance their training by way of learning all aspects of the dance industry with advanced focus on ballet terminology, dance history, current events in the arts, dance arts advocacy, theater/studio etiquette, college audition preparation, technical theater, professional development, injury prevention and dance as a career. This well-rounded track will cover bases beyond individual performance. Course material will include creative improvisation, choreographic composition, and working independently and in groups within their modern studies. These artists-in-training will be enabled with the viable knowledge it takes to succeed as a professional dancer.


The Conservatory Ensemble will meet weekly. Special to this innovative program, these dancers will be inducted to TAME’s National Honor Society for Dance Arts Chapter (NHSDA). All dancers must meet all of the requirements and hold a scholastic 3.0 GPA in order to be inducted as well maintain their active member status. These dancers will be invited to showcase their talents at the Florida Dance Performance Assessment (FDPA) in Tampa, FL. This state assessment will give dancers the opportunity to display ballet, modern, jazz and african dance etudes to some of the most reputable dance professionals in the state of Florida. Dancers' mental agility will also be put to the test during their movement acquisition assessment. As well, dancers will be assessed on their performance quality and ability to demonstrate choreographic works by performing one choreographed piece by Conservatory Ensemble Creative Director, Teddy Talbot. This same piece will be assessed and will perform in Florida Dance Educators Organization’s NHSDA Concert that evening. Dancers will be given valuable, detailed feedback throughout after each assessment category.  Throughout this event, dancers will also take a variety of master classes in an array of styles and taught by college professors and company directors. 


For Juniors and Seniors, there is the option to audition for every college dance program in the state of Florida at once! It is a great, affordable, and time-saving way for your dancer to be seen by the collegiate dance deans of Florida. Here, dancers are scouted and can be offered scholarships on the spot. This event offers your dancer the visibility needed in order to receive a dance scholarship from a large variety of local colleges and universities. The earlier your dancer attends FDPA, the more they are seen. It allows them to have the opportunity to leave an impression and start building a professional reputation for themselves as evolving college-bound artists.


This ensemble will also bring their choreographic works to the Universal Ballet Competition (UBC). Contemporary solos also have the option to take the stage during this event. UBC offers convention style classes taught by world renowned ballet and contemporary choreographers - some of the best in the industry.


After UBC, dancers will dive back into their creative curriculum. After Spring break, dancers will learn an additional piece for Spring Showcase. Both Conservatory Ensemble pieces will be featured in TAME’s Spring Showcase. 


TAME’s Conservatory Ensemble is an innovative experience that will strengthen the dancers’ artistic and technical skills while offering a creative opportunity that will positively impact their professional careers. 

Conservatory & Competitive

From the studio to the stage to a successful career in the arts, we believe a dancer’s success is not only driven by their dedication and commitment to their craft, but also by the comprehensive mentorship throughout their learning and creative process. At TAME, we will bridge the gap between classical dance techniques and the ever-changing dance world. Within both of these tracks, we explore and navigate our way through the bond and contrast between art and entertainment. Students in this Ensemble will have opportunities to be taught by, and work with, industry professionals from all genres. They will graduate from TAME with the confidence and knowledge to propel them to be industry savvy in the evolving world of professional dance.



February 3rd - 5th


February 16th - 19th


May 3rd & 4th


May 29th


June 17th

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