Within our Elite Membership, TAME Dance Academy offers a unique opportunity for advanced dancers (Levels IV and V) to specify their training to suit their individual goals. We have created two tracks of study, Conservatory and Competitive, which include styles and techniques catered to each individual artist. Both tracks include a minimum of nine classes; five mandatory and four elective, to round out each dancer’s course of study. Additional classes may be added upon dancer’s request and guardian approval.

TAME’s Conservatory Track is catered to the dancer looking to focus their training in a collegiate setting or pursue a future career in concert dance or musical theater. Both the mandatory and suggested classes in this track mirror a traditional college BFA dance program. The techniques and styles within the Conservatory Track include the training needed to succeed in ballet, contemporary, jazz and modern dance companies, as well as current theatrical productions, from regional theater to Broadway.

Dancers in the Conservatory Track will take two ballet classes, modern technique, contemporary, improvisation, Pilates, and an additional three elective classes of their choosing. This track will focus on the teachings of ballet terminology, dance history, professional dance companies, theater and studio etiquette, college audition preparation, technical theater, professional development, and dance as a career. This well-rounded track will cover bases beyond individual performance. Course material will include creative improvisation, choreographic composition, and working independently and in groups within their modern studies. These artists-in-training will be enabled with the viable knowledge it takes to succeed as a professional dancer.

TAME’s Competitive Track is catered to the dancer looking to focus on performing at a competitive level. Both the mandatory and elective classes in this track are tailored to those interested in purely focusing on competing at a high school/collegiate level as well as those considering moving on to professional production work such as cruise ship entertainment, industrials, regional theater and Broadway. The techniques and styles within the Competitive Track encompass the training needed to succeed in these realms as well as prepare them to expand their career as a commercial dancer.


Competitive dancers will train in ballet, contemporary, technique & progressions, jazz, acrobatics, hip hop and an additional three elective classes chosen to complement their individual pursuit. This track will focus on the special skills and performance dexterity required to thrive as a competitive dancer. Dancers in this track will continually have audition drills and stylized improvisation sessions in order to train them to stand out above the rest. Habitual study in self-presentation, physical fitness, injury prevention and professional development will provide these dancers the ability to obtain a sophisticated level of comprehension in this evolving industry.


From the studio to the stage to a successful career in the arts, we believe a dancer’s success is not only driven by their dedication and commitment to their craft, but also by the comprehensive mentorship throughout their learning and creative process. Both the Conservatory and Competitive Tracks at TAME will bridge the gap between classical dance techniques and the ever-changing dance world. Within both of these tracks, we explore and navigate our way through the bond and contrast between art and entertainment. Students in this Elite Membership will have opportunities to be taught by, and work with, industry professionals from all genres. They will graduate from TAME with the confidence and knowledge to propel them to be industry savvy in the evolving world of professional dance.